Big Jon - Guitar

Los - Guitar

Fox-Drums (Beating Things)


James-Low End


The History of B&R


BORN & RAISED is the product of Dane Ernst, Jon Meneley, and Carlos Pulido. During the fall of 2008, Dane was asked to get some people together to open up a show for his friend Corey Posey. Dane called Jon and Carlos, who did not know each other at the time, and picked up the bassist from Corey Posey's band and proceeded to play a 45 min set. The show was received very well by the audience and the chemistry between the 3 band members encouraged them to continue their musical ambitions.  

Over the next couple of months, Dane, Carlos, and Jon began writing and recording song ideas, while looking for a stable bassist to complete their quartet. The logical choice came when guitarist Vinay Badhiwala picked up a bass and joined the group shortly before the winter of 2008. From there, Born & Raised began playing open mic night at The Garage in Denton, and after a few Monday nights with good feedback, they were moved to the weekend. Over the course of the 2009 year, Born & Raised played several shows, mostly instrumental, and were encouraged to pick up a singer. After playing without a singer for about 8 months, Born & Raised picked up their first singer and proceeded to explore the DFW Metroplex.

At the beginning of the year in 2009, Vinay chose to go to medical school in Aruba, which forced the band to find another bassist. Luckily, Miles Norton stepped in for Vinay and brought a funky, blues influence to the band. Unfortunately, the band parted ways with their first singer at the end of 2009 and worked with fill-ins. Then, in April of 2010, Born & Raised picked up seasoned singer Jason Webb, who had been singing in bands for over 10 years. During this time, the band recorded their first full-length 13 track album called "Ghosts of Tomorrow" in the Nomad Recording Studio who mastered such acts as Pantera, King Diamond, Damageplan, Izzy Stradlin, and Mercyful Fate. Regretfully, after 2 1/2 years of service, the band and Miles decided to part ways due to unforeseen complications, however, Vinay Badhiwala was accepted back into the band after moving back from Aruba to pursue his education at UNT. The band played several shows each year expanding their reach to neighboring cities such as San Antonio, Tulsa, Houston, Austin, Lawton, etc.

At the beginning of 2014, the band and singer Jason Webb mutually parted ways and the search for a new voice began. After a grueling audition process in which 35 applicants were considered, the band decided on hiring ex-New Voodoo vocalist Nate Miller to join the family. With the new singer came a new evolution and perspective on the music. 

After opening up for such national acts as Texas Hippie Coalition, King Diamond, The Heroine, and Hemlock, the band completed their newest EP called "The Epic Prologue" which is a 6 track album released in the fall of 2015. Following the album, they opened for larger acts such as Dave Lombardo, Chris Poland,  Flotsam and Jetsam, and Nick Menza's respective bands Philm and Ohm in Long Beach, CA at the Metal Before Dishonor Tour.  

 In late 2015, after a 7 years of service to the band and a grueling tour schedule, drummer Dane Ernst decided to move to California with his family to pursue a different career. Eric Fox from the band Pulse filled in on drums for Dane while Born & Raised searched for another drummer. After about a year of searching with little prospects, Fox expressed interest in joining the band full-time and the band welcomed him as its new drummer. They continued to play regionally and record for their 3rd album release.

Over the course of the next 3 years, the band members would be tested as they went through several personnel changes. Tensions began to surface between the band members and their vocalist Nate as they moved toward the completion of their next album. The decision was made to part ways with Nate due to creative differences. The search for a new vocalist began again.

Through many craigslist posts, verbal conversations, and disappointing auditions, the band managed to stumble across a LA/Las Vegas music scene veteran who moved to Texas several years before and was looking for a band to join. Rich Lindamood was showing a lot of promise and was the band's number one prospect at the time. Shortly before Rich joined the band, long time bassist Vinay chose to move to San Antonio to start a new career. Ex-Idler bassist Brooks joined the band for a short time and recorded bass for a few tracks on their upcoming record before being replaced by James Brennaman, also from Pulse, in early 2019.

Rich Lindamood officially joined Born & Raised in 2018 and debuted his vocal abilities on the band's new album. His voice brought a new direction and countless possibilities for the band with his wide range of techniques and vocal range. Now a fully cohesive unit, Born & Raised released it's 3rd album named "Intermezzo", which was announced in April 2020 during the 2020 global Coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, the band has resumed its practice schedule. Although work schedules and commercial turmoil have made it difficult, writing on the next album has progressed quickly and the band hopes to start tracking late summer of 2020. Many businesses including many long-standing local venues were affected by the economic downturn associated with the COVID-19 virus and were forced to close their doors. Nevertheless, the members of Born & Raised remain optimistic with their new lineup and album. The landscape may have changed, but after 12 years of grinding in the same project, the guys in Born & Raised will adapt, move forward, and overcome no matter what the future holds.